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ONA is dedicated to enhancing the value of a Membership by advocacy at City Hall, engaging and educating members through regular communications, organizing social events, providing opportunities to learn about topics of interest, and forging connections among neighbors and with our City Government.  

Advocacy:  With the ONA Mission in mind the ONA Board monitors issues on the City Council agenda and advises residents of agenda topics that impact our neighborhood. We also take a broad approach to understand and lobby for codes, ordinances, and regulations that affect the quality of life of our members. We express our views to City Council and encourage our residents to do the same.  

Communication:   ONA distributes a regular Newsletter highlighting City Council meetings and reporting on events and issues related to the interests of our neighbors. Our Spotlight Series covers local City officials, residents, or topics in more detail. Surveys are conducted to keep the ONA Board appraised of issues important to the residents. Our website is offered as a resource and residents are encouraged to email us:  The ONA Board enjoys connecting with our members at social events and an Annual Meeting is held each year at the end of the season where member participation is particularly robust.

Social Connections:  Have fun and meet new friends. ONA hosts a Welcome Back Party at the beginning of the season. Coffees and sunset beach parties are held monthly. Various social events at organized during the season and we encourage our members to share a creative idea and volunteer to help make our event schedule a success. We host a speaker series to bring people of interest to our members where information and ideas are shared. 

Member Discounts:

  • The RCC card is available to members at the discounted price of $20 each.The RCC Card provides discounts from local restaurants and shops. Member may see a list of merchants HERE
  • ONA Members may now enjoy a $97/year or $9/month discount at the Briggs Wellness Center at NCH. Click HERE for more information.

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