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ONA supports development in Naples that is consistent with City of Naples 2007 Vision Plan and the City of Naples Comprehensive Plan and which is achieved within the parameters of the City of Naples Charter, Land Development Code and zoning regulations.

The Committee carefully monitors development projects before the Planning Advisory Board and City Council, keeps up to date on zoning issues, meets with developers as requested, and expresses its views, questions and concerns regarding projects to City Council members.

To learn more or join in, please contact the Committee Chair at


Project monitoring: Our committee monitors significant development proposals brought before the Planning Advisory Board and City Council for impacts on our residential neighborhoods. We are particularly concerned with waivers and site plan deviations to the Land Development Code that may detract from the small town charm and character of Old Naples.

Recently we joined the Garage Coalition to help defeat the proposal to build a 350 space parking garage in a residential neighborhood at 4th Street and 4th Avenue South, and to mitigate some of the more objectionable revisions proposed for the D-Downtown zoning district.

Currently, we are monitoring the proposals for a hotel at 2nd Street and Broad Avenue, the impacts of construction at 465 Fifth Avenue South, and CRA planning for the portion of Old Naples east of Route 41.

Zoning: Committee members focusing on the specific zoning subjects of building heights, setback, density, lot coverage and parking. These are the 5 key pillars of the Land Development Code that control what can be built in our neighborhood.

Vision, Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map: These documents are the over-riding plans for the future of Naples, and we pay close attention to how they are updated and implemented. During the 2017-2018 year Mayor Barnett has called for a complete review of our plan, and we look forward to ONA members participating in this.

Please join us in these critical efforts to preserve the small town charm and character of the Old Naples neighborhood. We look forward to hearing from you at whenever you have a concern, question or suggestion about planning and development issues. Most of all, we need you to volunteer in this effort and to make your concerns known to City Council at


City of Naples website: click here

City of Naples Land Development Code: click here

City of Naples zoning map: click here

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City of Naples Code Enforcement hotline: 239-213-5030

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