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Sunday, April 14, 2019 1:46 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

Dear Members,


The upcoming City Council meeting will include discussion and a recommendation to vote on pending sidewalk installation in Old Naples.  This is important to those of you who agree with us that there should be strong justification for paving over any green space or the installation of complete streets design initiatives throughout our neighborhoods. Read more on the sidewalk issue HERE

Council will also review the variances and comprehensive plan changes that developers are requesting for the Naples Beach Hotel at this meeting.  ONA has joined with other HOA’s throughout the City to work with the project developer and advocate for preserving the golf course open space in perpetuity and to minimize variances that will adversely impact the surrounding neighborhoods and our City at large.   

See the full City Council Agenda for Wednesday April 17th  HERE  

Please attend the meeting and/or send Council your opinions  HERE


City staff is preparing an analysis of all site plans with deviations and variances granted over the last 5 years for City Council to review.   ONA advocates for compliance with our current land and zoning codes. We hope Council will use this analysis to support greater compliance rather than suggesting that our codes be relaxed.

This discussion, originally planned for March 18th was postponed, but any action by Council taken after the analysis will have a significant impact on development in our City.   See the original March 18 Agenda item #7A and click on the data analysis presentation and staff memorandum for more information on this issue HERE


ONA’s Airport Committee follows airport operations, initiatives, and advocates for best solutions to mitigate disturbance by the airport to residents. Click HERE for a detailed report from the ONA Airport Committee.

The City Manager will provide an update on the Naples Airport Master plan to Council at their Council Workshop on Monday, April 15th.  No action is being recommended by City staff to Council at this time.  Click HERE to see Monday’s  agenda and view the Airport’s master plan  

MEMBERSHIP:  We want to increase membership so we can keep more residents informed on City issues and include them in ONA Social Events.  Please send friends and neighbors to our website. New members can visit our website, click on the Membership tab and join: www.oldnaplesassociation.com

Current members, remember to log on when you visit the web site for full access.

EVERYTHING SOCIAL:  We hope you enjoyed our coffees, sunset beach cocktails, and boat rides. There are more events planned and posted on our website. As we plan our next season’s events please contact us at info@oldnaplesassociation.com to let us know what type of social events interest you.  


We encouraged your participation in the March City wide Visioning Survey and the result was a majority response from Old Naples. Our residents represented 26% of the overall City’s responses to the Vision Survey.  The completed report is expected in May.

We encouraged you to vote in the April 2nd Election.  The Old Naples precinct reported the highest turnout across the City. Congratulations to Ray Christman who will be sworn in on April 17th


We welcome you to join us.  Members who have expertise in administration, communication, website management, an interest in City issues, beach erosion, water quality, or assisting with social events and membership drives are especially needed.  No amount of time is too small.  For more information please click HERE


We will streamline our communications so you receive fewer emails but with more content.  Look for Monthly Newsletters like this that may come more frequently in season and less frequently during summer months. 


Noise from leaf blowers currently exceed our City noise ordinance and affects our quality of life. You have asked for our support in petitioning the City to enforce the codes. Quieter leaf blowers which meet code are available and we plan to ask City Council to require they be used in Old Naples and that the code be enforced. Please Sign the Petition HERE 


We will continue to organize our activities & initiatives around your interests and solicit your opinions.  For those of you who did not have an opportunity to fill out our Questionnaire at the recent Annual Meeting please share your thoughts with us HERE

Best Regards,

Ned Fryer

President, Old Naples Association

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