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Status/Next Steps

Naples Airport: Strategic Plan 2017-2021

The Senior airport staff under the direction of Chris Rozansky, Executive Director, revised the Plan and released the update on December 20, 2018. The Plan, first generated in 1997, established a mission with a commitment to enhancing the quality of life throughout the community. 

The 2018 NAA revision sets out 3 guiding objectives to our community:

“-Mitigate adverse impacts of aircraft noise on all the communities surrounding the airport to the extent feasible.

-Improve voluntary curfew compliance.

-Increase awareness about the value of the airport, noise abatement efforts, and honor aviation’s historical contributions”

The Naples Airport Capital Improvement Plan FY 2019-2023 reflects (2019) $320,000 allocated for an aircraft operations counting system (ie What, who, aircraft??)  and $500,000 each year 2019/2020 for noise study in support of strategic objectives.

ONA NEXT STEPS: (ONA member volunteers always welcome)

-Continue to monitor Airport actions in keeping with stated Objectives.

-Attend NAA board meetings,

-Attend NCC committee meetings or review posted videos at FlyNaples.com

NAA Master Plan:

The Plan is on schedule to be completed November 2019 with a first draft in September.

Over the last 17 months the newly appointed  Naples Airport noise consultant, ESA, has held 3 community outreach meetings and conducted several aviation activity forecasts. Below are the results of these studies plus 1 Item from the NAA’s previous noise consultant, HMMH--all relevant to the changing and increased noise impact on our community and dictating a fresh look at Airport current procedures stemming from a 1997 NCP.

-Commercial passenger service:

ESA Finding-Naples air service options are limited and no scenario suggest a high probability of economic success. Naples runway weight limitations (75000 lb) preclude most new commercial service aircraft.

-General Aviation Operations:  (an “operation” is one takeoff or landing) 

 ESA JET operations forecast for 2017 is 27,496 Jets;  for 2023 forecast is 32,000 Jets;  for 2038 Jet  forecast is 44,000.  Impact: increased frequency

ESA Jet percentage of mix 2017: 28%;  2023: 31%; 2038: 36%).     Impact: increase in noise /curfew complaints

ESA Jet aircraft Peaking characteristics (seasonality).   Impact: overflight 3.5 times higher in “season” months

HMMH 2017 census forecast for city of Naples population 21,948 a 12.3% increase since 2010 population, the last official Noise Exposure Map  (NEM) update.

ONA NEXT STEPS: Attend NAA Public outreach April 30, 4:30-6:30 pm @ Naples Regional Library Rees meeting room. (ONA Member attendance strongly encouraged).  Master Plan Scheduled for completion November 2019.

Send questions and comments to Naples Airport Authority/APF Airport Master Plan:   https://flynaples.com/masterplan with a copy to:  airtraffic@oldnaplesassociation.com

Update CFR Part 150 Study:

On October 10th2018 the NAA received a favorable response to their September 18, 2018 request of the Orlando Airports District Office to undertake the updating of the 1997 Noise Compatibility  Program (NCP) and 2010 Noise Exposure Maps (NEM).  February 21, 2019 the NAA took the first major step in the process by approving the NAA Board selection committee recommendation to hire ESA as lead consultant. On February 27, 2019 Chris Rozansky,  Airport  Executive Director,  initiated scoping discussions with ESA as identified within section 4 heading, Scope of Services and Deliverables, from original Request for Qualification noise consulting services made November 19,2018. The process of Scoping or establishing the statement of work to be performed by ESA is paramount to ensuring those areas of noise concern expressed by the community (i.e. frequency of jet overflight, low flying, concentration over same ground and seasonality) are adequately studied.

Feburary 25ththe following initial request was made of the Airport pertaining to scope inclusion:

The study will thoroughly evaluate the adverse impacts of single event noise generated by APF arrivals and departures over densely populated areas in close proximity to the Airport and develop alternatives to mitigate aircraft generated noise.

Completing a comprehensive population study (grid) off each runway end will set the stage for allowing residents to evaluate noise impacts of all alternatives and current procedures.


Draft of Scope is to be presented to NCC at their regular scheduled meeting April 25, 9:00am at the Airport.  Further discussion on scope could take place at joint NAA/NCC workshop scheduled April 30, 2019 at City Hall starting 8:30am. Replay of both meetings can be viewed on Airport web site.

Final Scope per the Airport will be presented to NAA for approval  Spring or early summer. The specific date has yet to be published. Will advise all when known. 

In January 2019, many ONA interested members wrote personal letters to the NAA commissioners on selecting a consultant who could take a Fresh Look. The effort resulted in the selection of ESA, a new consultant to NAA after 20 years with HMMH, the previous consultant.  

Now it’s time for the Naples Airport/NAA to provide Scoping instructions to ESA which will determine what analysis will be completed by ESA to address your noise issues.  It’s time to state your personal issues and ask the airport what NOISE analysis will be directed within the scope of work and included in the updated NCP to address your concerns.   Should you decide to express your concerns  that all noise/population issues are to be addressed in the scoping instructions document, please address those concerns  to crozansky@flynaples.com,  djackson@flynaples.com airtraffic@oldnaplesassociation.com

Attend if you can:  NAA board meetings 8:30am, City Hall April 18, May 16, June 20, August 15 and September 19. NAA video replay at Airport web site: HERE  

NCC meetings 9:00am, Airport April 25. NCC video replay at Airport web site:  HERE                                                                                                                             NAA/NCC joint workshop April 30, 8:30 city hall. Video replay airport web site.                                                               

If you have questions please forward them to  airtraffic@oldnaplesassociation.com.

ONA thanks you for your continued positive collaboration in working to resolve your noise concerns over our residents.

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