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Friday, November 02, 2018 9:45 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

Good News!

Please join me in congratulating Chris Rozansky Executive Director of the Naples Airport, Diane Terrill Deputy Director, Donna Messer Chair of the NAA, Bruce Byerly Chair of the NCC and Diane Jackson Director of Communication and development on receiving a positive response from their September 18,2018 memo to Mr Bart Vernace Manager Southern Region Airports District Office FAA providing their justification for conducting a Part 150 Update.

Mr Vernace responded October 2, 2018 Re: Request to Update 14 CFR Part 150 Study 

“We agree that the request to update the 1999 NCP and 2010 NEMs is reasonable. Based on a review of the noise contours and the issues that affected completion of the 2010 Part 150 Study, The FAA recommends that the Part 150 Study technical approach to be structured to : 1) approve updated NEMs and 2) have mutual agreement between the Airport Authority and the FAA to proceed with the NCP update. Under this approach, a single grant could be requested for the Part 150 update, but the study’s scope of work and fee estimate would include a clear break between the two phases of the study”

The above positive response is a clear indication of Naples airport management’s commitment to work with our community and stated 2017-2021 Strategic Plan objective specifically Goal #2 which states: “Be an engaged, responsive partner in service to our community”

In addition to the good news above several other revelations have taken place:

April 19 the NAA held their regular board meeting at which ESA Master Plan consultant and HMMH long term noise consultant presented and sited the following:

1.ESA after extensive study focusing on reestablishing commercial service as part of Master Plan stated “Naples air service options are limited and no scenario suggest a high probability of economic success”

2. ESA completed a forecast of jet traffic by 2023 to reach 32,000 and 44,000 by 2038. Clearly dictating the need to update the 1997 Part 150 NCP and 2010 NEMs. The 2010 last official completed NEMs were in reference to actual jet traffic of 17,765.

3. HMMH after having reviewed specific to Old Naples the population changes between 2010 and 2017 sited a 12.3% estimated growth in population.

August 16, 2018 the regular NAA board meeting it was revealed by Mr Rozansky during the pre-lim 2019 budget financial review that $500,000 has been allocated for Noise Study. This input was prior to the FAA favorable response October 2, 2018.

In closing, I am cautiously optimistic and if you should have any comments please send to:

Look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Best Regards 

   Tom Lauer Chair AirTraffic initiative ONA

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