PAB Initiates Community Outreach Program to Update City’s Vision Document

Thursday, September 13, 2018 1:27 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

You will have an opportunity over the next few months to shape the Vision of Naples.  City Council has directed the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) to conduct an outreach program to gather input from the community as the town updates two of our most important documents which guide our development and informs how we live:  The Vision Document reflects our community Values and Goals, and the Comprehensive Plan gives direction on growth, development, and city maintenance to support those Values and Goals.  

The Comprehensive Plan is required by the state to be updated routinely to ensure town management is consistent with current state statutes. Changes necessary to comply are mandatory and those changes are underway; most have been submitted to the state.  This year city staff is recommending many, additional, non-mandated changes to the Comprehensive Plan on which City Council will ultimately vote. We are encouraged that our Council has deemed it important for residents to share their opinions so that our Vision Document reflects our current values, and that any non-mandated changes to the Comprehensive Plan that Council approves are supportive of those values.  

Review our current Vision Document, last updated in 2007 Here:

PAB has hired an outside consultant, Stantec, to facilitate the gathering of community input, which will begin early fall, continuing through March, 2019.   The ONA Planning and Development Committee has been tasked with following this “Visioning Process”, keeping you informed, and encouraging you to share your thoughts on the issues that affect the quality of life in our city when this outreach begins. It is important to note that the Vision Document you will comment about will be foundational to the Comprehensive Plan for the next ten years. 

This ONA Planning and Development Committee has reached out to the leadership of many of our fellow homeowner associations to ask what is important to their neighborhoods.  We agree with our neighbors that the following issues are critical:

We are a community of residents and the Vision and Comprehensive Plan should be viewed through that lens.  Tourists come here to enjoy the quality of life and amenities that are coveted by residents and those quality of life standards should be protected.

We must protect the small town charm of our neighborhoods, outlined as a priority in our current 2007 Vision Document. Development should comply with our codes and any installation of a “Complete Streets” concept to our streets and avenues should be “concept driven” as the Florida Department of Transportation suggests, and installed in a manner as to not disrupt our neighborhoods and its’ green space. 

Read about Complete Streets Here:

We must manage growth and redevelopment by enforcing our land and building codes and any deviation must be an exception. Variances to building heights and density seem wrongly to have become the norm.    

We must work both with the City and the County to understand that our city’s carrying capacity is not unlimited; growth and use of the city and its’ beaches cannot exceed our infrastructure without degradation of our quality of life and our resources.   

It is important to improve water quality in Naples Bay and in the neighborhood canals; storm water management, impacted by code enforcement is critical. 

There is a need for a holistic solution for downtown traffic and parking, which adheres to the goal of minimizing residential neighborhood traffic and parking permits.  We must consider the impact of new transportation modalities such as Uber and Lyft as we develop solutions that will stand the test of time. We should employ smart signage to divert 41 traffic to Goodlette and reduce unnecessary thru traffic. 

To share your thoughts with us or ask questions you may reach this committee at:

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