The rebuilding of 8th Street and 3rd Avenue

Friday, October 20, 2017 11:34 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

Short Story: The City will shortly reconstruct these streets. Those of you who will be impacted by the changes in parking, sidewalks and traffic volumes might want to be involved. More of our streets will be affected after this.
Longer Story: The City is planning on redesigning and reconstructing these streets through the Old Naples neighborhood as part of the “Complete Streets” initiative. This will include redoing sidewalks, bike lanes, on-street parking and traffic patterns. In part it is to accommodate the proposed “lane diet” for Route 41, where the number of travel lanes might be reduced from 6 to 4 between 7th Avenue North and Goodlette Frank, and the likelihood of cut-through traffic in our neighborhood will increase.
Ned Fryer and I attended an initial input meeting with the consultants yesterday. Based on feedback from those of you who responded to last week’s email, I drafted and delivered a comprehensive letter of response here. The consultants were receptive to the issues but there are many stakeholders along these thoroughfares, and continued community attention and involvement will be important.
Actions you can take:

  1. Read our letter to the project consultants here for a sense of the issues, follow the 8th Street/3rd Avenue project and get involved when it comes back up for discussion.
  2. Volunteer to help us with this issue. We do not have enough volunteers to cover it at this time. Email me if you are able to help, and thanks.
  3. If you live in the impacted areas, please alert your neighbors who are not yet ONA members. Forward this email to others. Ask them to get involved, and ask them to join ONA. The larger and more active we are the more likely our concerns will be heard and addressed.
  4. This sort of change is coming to your area soon! Review and understand the “Downtown Naples Mobility and Connectivity Study Final Recommendations” documents on the City’s website here at item #7 on the agenda document. The cliff notes version in slide format is here, and the final draft report itself is here. This plan will govern the reconstruction of the primary and secondary streets throughout Old Naples, and will substantially impact our community for years to come.
John Lehmann
President, Old Naples Association

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