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  • Saturday, April 27, 2019 8:56 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Dear ONA members, friends and contacts:

    Ordinarily, ONA’s reports of this kind are considered one of the benefits of Association membership, and that will remain the rule.  But, for this email blast, I have decided to include our entire mailing list (members, friends, contacts, officials, others) to illustrate the kind of work we do on behalf of Old Naples residents and, through alliances with other HOAs, for the entire City.  If you are not already an ONA member, please see the last paragraph, below.  

    This comes to you as an interim report of the recent activities of the Naples Beach Hotel project ad hoc Coalition, and related developments within City Government. Our Coalition consists of representatives of five homeowners’ associations whose residents live near or relatively near the Beach Hotel properties: Aqualane, Coquina Sands, Gulf Shore Condo Owners, Moorings, and ONA. 

    The Coalition had been formed many months ago, after announcement by the Athens Group, a prominent developer of luxury hotels, that it intended to purchase and completely reconstruct the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club properties.  As its first order of business, the Coalition decided to survey their associations’ members in order to find out what they felt about the reconstruction project proposal. This we did last February, by means of a survey questionnaire. Almost 1,000 responses came back.  We learned that many residents approved of the Athens project, as a general concept, and were excited to welcome the new ownership of what would become a five-star facility.  A large majority of approving respondents told us, however, they had the following concerns about certain details of the developers’ project plans.  The top three concerns were these: 

    1.    Rezoning Concerns (excessive building length, height, intensity and lot coverage, along with smaller setbacks);

    2.   Traffic Concerns (increased traffic congestion, particularly along Gulf Shore Blvd. N.); and

    3.   Concerns about preserving the golf course (how to assure it remains green space in perpetuity). 

    As advocates for the great number of you who approved of the project generally, but with unresolved specific concerns, the Coalition then initiated multiple meetings with the Athens Group and its advisors. We spent countless hours in these meetings, and an exponential number of hours in preparation and strategizing.  We advocated vigorously for a fair resolution of your stated concerns.  We then appeared and actively participated at the two Planning Advisory Board hearings, and at the City Council Meeting last Wednesday.  Both the PAB and City Council extended us the courtesy of a full opportunity to express our views. We thank them for that.

    After months of intense negotiation, and literally on the eve of last Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Athens Group and the Coalition finally reached complete agreement on all language in the proposed perpetual easement. 

    Tuesday night, after an entire day’s work, we extended our sincere thanks to the developer and its attorneys.  They had given our homeowners association residents meaningful input into the easement document, so as to cast in concrete the widely held public expectation that the golf course, in that form or as other open space, would be preserved in perpetuity.

    The Coalition had fought especially hard for inclusion of two features in the perpetual easement document draft.  Its approval of them had been considered by the HOAs and many of their members to be an essential “quid pro quo” for the numerous zoning concessions the developer was seeking.  One of the features was protection of the open space for nearby residents against excessive nighttime noise, lighting and other negatively impactful permitted uses, particularly should the open space ever cease to be used as a golf course.  The other feature was a “belt and suspenders” provision.  It provided for a third party entity representing the neighborhoods and the Watkins family. As you know, the Watkins’ have so generously insisted the golf course remain as green space in perpetuity.  The sole function of the third party would have been to serve as a back-up enforcement entity if the City ever were to decide, for whatever reason, not to enforce the easement in perpetuity.  

    The next day, Wednesday, was the City Council meeting in which the developer’s applications were to be considered in “first reading.” After many hours of presentations, testimony and debate, and to our great disappointment, City Council voted 5-2 to remove all references to the third party entity in the easement.  Councilors Hutchison and Christman dissented, siding with the Coalition.  Accordingly, as it stands after the applications’ first reading, there will be no backup entity to enforce the easement if the City at some time in the future declines to do so.  The Councilors then voted unanimously to approve the rest of the easement.  In so doing, we are glad to report, the City has retained our language that will protect nearby residents from some of the potentially harmful impacts of the permitted uses.  

    To view last Wednesday’s entire City Council Meeting, please click here.  

    For many weeks, we have also advocated for less relaxation of the zoning rules than Athens has requested.  Although we were not able to reach agreement with the developer, nonetheless we believe we made some progress, particularly with respect to building setbacks, that found its way into the applications as approved by City Council.  With respect to your third concern, traffic congestion, there seems to be little that could have been done to mitigate the inevitable effects on automobile traffic of more pedestrians crossing Gulf Shore Blvd. throughout the day and in the evening, resulting from more amenities to be accessed by guests and condo owners on the eastern and western campuses of the new facilities, and the need for more employees.

    We welcome any observations or suggestions you may have about anything in this report. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address:

    We have been informed that second reading of the redevelopment ordinances will take place on May 1, 2019. 

    Very best regards,

    Ned Fryer

    President, Old Naples Association

    If you are not already an ONA member, we urge you to join. We offer two categories of memberships: Old Naples residents and associate members.  At present, we have 42 associate members.  To join as a resident or associate member, please click here.

  • Sunday, April 14, 2019 1:46 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Dear Members,


    The upcoming City Council meeting will include discussion and a recommendation to vote on pending sidewalk installation in Old Naples.  This is important to those of you who agree with us that there should be strong justification for paving over any green space or the installation of complete streets design initiatives throughout our neighborhoods. Read more on the sidewalk issue HERE

    Council will also review the variances and comprehensive plan changes that developers are requesting for the Naples Beach Hotel at this meeting.  ONA has joined with other HOA’s throughout the City to work with the project developer and advocate for preserving the golf course open space in perpetuity and to minimize variances that will adversely impact the surrounding neighborhoods and our City at large.   

    See the full City Council Agenda for Wednesday April 17th  HERE  

    Please attend the meeting and/or send Council your opinions  HERE


    City staff is preparing an analysis of all site plans with deviations and variances granted over the last 5 years for City Council to review.   ONA advocates for compliance with our current land and zoning codes. We hope Council will use this analysis to support greater compliance rather than suggesting that our codes be relaxed.

    This discussion, originally planned for March 18th was postponed, but any action by Council taken after the analysis will have a significant impact on development in our City.   See the original March 18 Agenda item #7A and click on the data analysis presentation and staff memorandum for more information on this issue HERE


    ONA’s Airport Committee follows airport operations, initiatives, and advocates for best solutions to mitigate disturbance by the airport to residents. Click HERE for a detailed report from the ONA Airport Committee.

    The City Manager will provide an update on the Naples Airport Master plan to Council at their Council Workshop on Monday, April 15th.  No action is being recommended by City staff to Council at this time.  Click HERE to see Monday’s  agenda and view the Airport’s master plan  

    MEMBERSHIP:  We want to increase membership so we can keep more residents informed on City issues and include them in ONA Social Events.  Please send friends and neighbors to our website. New members can visit our website, click on the Membership tab and join:

    Current members, remember to log on when you visit the web site for full access.

    EVERYTHING SOCIAL:  We hope you enjoyed our coffees, sunset beach cocktails, and boat rides. There are more events planned and posted on our website. As we plan our next season’s events please contact us at to let us know what type of social events interest you.  


    We encouraged your participation in the March City wide Visioning Survey and the result was a majority response from Old Naples. Our residents represented 26% of the overall City’s responses to the Vision Survey.  The completed report is expected in May.

    We encouraged you to vote in the April 2nd Election.  The Old Naples precinct reported the highest turnout across the City. Congratulations to Ray Christman who will be sworn in on April 17th


    We welcome you to join us.  Members who have expertise in administration, communication, website management, an interest in City issues, beach erosion, water quality, or assisting with social events and membership drives are especially needed.  No amount of time is too small.  For more information please click HERE


    We will streamline our communications so you receive fewer emails but with more content.  Look for Monthly Newsletters like this that may come more frequently in season and less frequently during summer months. 


    Noise from leaf blowers currently exceed our City noise ordinance and affects our quality of life. You have asked for our support in petitioning the City to enforce the codes. Quieter leaf blowers which meet code are available and we plan to ask City Council to require they be used in Old Naples and that the code be enforced. Please Sign the Petition HERE 


    We will continue to organize our activities & initiatives around your interests and solicit your opinions.  For those of you who did not have an opportunity to fill out our Questionnaire at the recent Annual Meeting please share your thoughts with us HERE

    Best Regards,

    Ned Fryer

    President, Old Naples Association

  • Saturday, April 13, 2019 5:56 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    April 2019

    ONA Air Traffic Initiative Update         Naples Airport (APF)/Naples Airport Authority (NAA)

    Status/Next Steps

    Naples Airport: Strategic Plan 2017-2021

    The Senior airport staff under the direction of Chris Rozansky, Executive Director, revised the Plan and released the update on December 20, 2018. The Plan, first generated in 1997, established a mission with a commitment to enhancing the quality of life throughout the community. 

    The 2018 NAA revision sets out 3 guiding objectives to our community:

    “-Mitigate adverse impacts of aircraft noise on all the communities surrounding the airport to the extent feasible.

    -Improve voluntary curfew compliance.

    -Increase awareness about the value of the airport, noise abatement efforts, and honor aviation’s historical contributions”

    The Naples Airport Capital Improvement Plan FY 2019-2023 reflects (2019) $320,000 allocated for an aircraft operations counting system (ie What, who, aircraft??)  and $500,000 each year 2019/2020 for noise study in support of strategic objectives.

    ONA NEXT STEPS: (ONA member volunteers always welcome)

    -Continue to monitor Airport actions in keeping with stated Objectives.

    -Attend NAA board meetings,

    -Attend NCC committee meetings or review posted videos at

    NAA Master Plan:

    The Plan is on schedule to be completed November 2019 with a first draft in September.

    Over the last 17 months the newly appointed  Naples Airport noise consultant, ESA, has held 3 community outreach meetings and conducted several aviation activity forecasts. Below are the results of these studies plus 1 Item from the NAA’s previous noise consultant, HMMH--all relevant to the changing and increased noise impact on our community and dictating a fresh look at Airport current procedures stemming from a 1997 NCP.

    -Commercial passenger service:

    ESA Finding-Naples air service options are limited and no scenario suggest a high probability of economic success. Naples runway weight limitations (75000 lb) preclude most new commercial service aircraft.

    -General Aviation Operations:  (an “operation” is one takeoff or landing) 

     ESA JET operations forecast for 2017 is 27,496 Jets;  for 2023 forecast is 32,000 Jets;  for 2038 Jet  forecast is 44,000.  Impact: increased frequency

    ESA Jet percentage of mix 2017: 28%;  2023: 31%; 2038: 36%).     Impact: increase in noise /curfew complaints

    ESA Jet aircraft Peaking characteristics (seasonality).   Impact: overflight 3.5 times higher in “season” months

    HMMH 2017 census forecast for city of Naples population 21,948 a 12.3% increase since 2010 population, the last official Noise Exposure Map  (NEM) update.

    ONA NEXT STEPS: Attend NAA Public outreach April 30, 4:30-6:30 pm @ Naples Regional Library Rees meeting room. (ONA Member attendance strongly encouraged).  Master Plan Scheduled for completion November 2019.

    Send questions and comments to Naples Airport Authority/APF Airport Master Plan: with a copy to:

    Update CFR Part 150 Study:

    On October 10th2018 the NAA received a favorable response to their September 18, 2018 request of the Orlando Airports District Office to undertake the updating of the 1997 Noise Compatibility  Program (NCP) and 2010 Noise Exposure Maps (NEM).  February 21, 2019 the NAA took the first major step in the process by approving the NAA Board selection committee recommendation to hire ESA as lead consultant. On February 27, 2019 Chris Rozansky,  Airport  Executive Director,  initiated scoping discussions with ESA as identified within section 4 heading, Scope of Services and Deliverables, from original Request for Qualification noise consulting services made November 19,2018. The process of Scoping or establishing the statement of work to be performed by ESA is paramount to ensuring those areas of noise concern expressed by the community (i.e. frequency of jet overflight, low flying, concentration over same ground and seasonality) are adequately studied.

    Feburary 25ththe following initial request was made of the Airport pertaining to scope inclusion:

    The study will thoroughly evaluate the adverse impacts of single event noise generated by APF arrivals and departures over densely populated areas in close proximity to the Airport and develop alternatives to mitigate aircraft generated noise.

    Completing a comprehensive population study (grid) off each runway end will set the stage for allowing residents to evaluate noise impacts of all alternatives and current procedures.


    Draft of Scope is to be presented to NCC at their regular scheduled meeting April 25, 9:00am at the Airport.  Further discussion on scope could take place at joint NAA/NCC workshop scheduled April 30, 2019 at City Hall starting 8:30am. Replay of both meetings can be viewed on Airport web site.

    Final Scope per the Airport will be presented to NAA for approval  Spring or early summer. The specific date has yet to be published. Will advise all when known. 

    In January 2019, many ONA interested members wrote personal letters to the NAA commissioners on selecting a consultant who could take a Fresh Look. The effort resulted in the selection of ESA, a new consultant to NAA after 20 years with HMMH, the previous consultant.  

    Now it’s time for the Naples Airport/NAA to provide Scoping instructions to ESA which will determine what analysis will be completed by ESA to address your noise issues.  It’s time to state your personal issues and ask the airport what NOISE analysis will be directed within the scope of work and included in the updated NCP to address your concerns.   Should you decide to express your concerns  that all noise/population issues are to be addressed in the scoping instructions document, please address those concerns  to,

    Attend if you can:  NAA board meetings 8:30am, City Hall April 18, May 16, June 20, August 15 and September 19. NAA video replay at Airport web site: HERE  

    NCC meetings 9:00am, Airport April 25. NCC video replay at Airport web site:  HERE                                                                                                                                           NAA/NCC joint workshop April 30, 8:30 city hall. Video replay airport web site.                                                               

    If you have questions please forward them to

    ONA thanks you for your continued positive collaboration in working to resolve your noise concerns over our residents.

  • Thursday, February 14, 2019 7:36 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Another Survey, but a VERY IMPORTANT ONE!

    Dear ONA Member


    The City of Naples has launched an on-line survey to collect your ideas on what the future of the City should be.  Do not miss the opportunity to be heard.


    You may have received a postcard in the mail alerting you to the survey. Just go to:

    Question #2 will ask for a code which identifies you as a City of Naples resident.  Type in the code contained in the postcard:  VisionSurvey


    Your response will influence the updating of the Vision Plan.  This Vision Plan is a critical component of the management of our City. It lays the groundwork for future growth and development.  Set aside about 20 minutes to take this survey; it is comprehensive, and your ideas are deserving of attention.


    After some screening questions to prove you are not a robot, and you reside within the City limits, you will be asked to rate the importance of the features, issues and goals reflected in the current Vision Plan, and you will also be asked how well you think your city government is doing in supporting those issues.   You will have an opportunity to share anything else that is important to you and your quality of life as a City resident.   Don’t be shy.


    We are ensuring that you have every opportunity to be heard.  We have joined with other neighborhood associations across the City over the last several months to let City Hall know that you need to be heard and to let them know what is important to us:

    Managed growth - understanding our Infrastructure is not unlimited.

    Compliance with the land and building codes to control height, intensity and density.

    Protecting and improving our natural resources - water, beaches, and green space.  

    Primacy of Residents – Policies must be developed with the residents in mind.

    Now It Is Your Turn. 

    Janet Ferry and Joe Migliara, co-chairs,

    ONA Planning and Development Committee

  • Thursday, January 31, 2019 6:55 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    We Need Your Input.  Please Complete the Survey!

    Dear ONA Members - 

    As I’m sure you have heard, a major reconstruction project is planned for the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club.  Many features of the redevelopment are quite desirable, and will undoubtedly have a positive impact not only on nearby neighborhoods but also the entire City.  Others, though, may not. 

    ONA and five of our neighboring homeowners’ associations have formed a coalition to bring certain concerns to the attention of the Hotel’s ownership and Naples City Government.  Today, we and the other HOAs are sending out the following request for our members’ input. Please complete the survey linked below so that we may be fully informed of your views.  Your opinion matters greatly!

    Many thanks and very best regards.

    Ned Fryer, president

    Old Naples Association

    The Naples Beach Hotel 125-acre property is under contract to be acquired by the Athens Group. Development of a new 5-Star Hotel, 8 Luxury Condominium Buildings and other items in the plan call for at least 7 changes to existing law/building codes including height and units per acre. Additionally, increased traffic along Gulf Shore Blvd and ancillary streets may be an issue. 

    More than five Home Owners Associations are working together as a coalition to help Naples residents positively shape this development and its impact on our community. Your responses will help us to accurately communicate owners’ concerns with the City and the developers. 

    Please complete the on-line survey: . YOUR INPUT IS CRITICAL. 


    Your HOA Coalition

    Bill Lutz, president, Coquina Sands Property Owners Association

    Doug Stewart, president, Gulf Shore Property Owners Association

    Derek Perry, president, Lake Park Neighborhood Association 

    Paul Perry, president, Aqualane Shores Association

    Linda Black, president, Moorings Property Owners Association

    Ned Fryer, president, Old Naples Association

  • Wednesday, November 14, 2018 6:07 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Monday evening the ONA Board of Directors attended a meeting with representatives of the Watkins Family (seller of the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club), and the Athens Group, the buyer.  Also in attendance were board members from the Coquina Sands Property Owners’ Association.  

    The meeting was very informative and interesting.  We received a Powerpoint presentation as well as the opportunity to hear from Henry Watkins, Kim Richards (CEO of The Athens Group), the buyer’s architect and its counsel. We and the Coquina directors asked many questions.

    Here is a link to the story printed in the November 12 Naples Daily News that describes in detail how the new owner plans to transform the Beach Hotel and Golf Club.

    As expected, there are a number issues worthy of our careful consideration, such as building height, density, intensity, setbacks and traffic. We were very encouraged to learn of Athens’ plan to encumber the 101-acre golf course abutting 9thStreet North with a deed restriction that it will always be either a golf course or another form of open, green space. 

    There will be additional opportunities for ONA Members and others interested in this project to meet with and ask questions of the principals. They will be scheduled once we are “in season” – probably in December or January.  We’ll let you know as soon as they are announced.

    We will continue to keep you updated as further details of the development plan are released and the City approval process gets underway.

    Very best regards,

    Ned Fryer

    President Elect, Old Naples Association

  • Friday, November 02, 2018 9:45 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Good News!

    Please join me in congratulating Chris Rozansky Executive Director of the Naples Airport, Diane Terrill Deputy Director, Donna Messer Chair of the NAA, Bruce Byerly Chair of the NCC and Diane Jackson Director of Communication and development on receiving a positive response from their September 18,2018 memo to Mr Bart Vernace Manager Southern Region Airports District Office FAA providing their justification for conducting a Part 150 Update.

    Mr Vernace responded October 2, 2018 Re: Request to Update 14 CFR Part 150 Study 

    “We agree that the request to update the 1999 NCP and 2010 NEMs is reasonable. Based on a review of the noise contours and the issues that affected completion of the 2010 Part 150 Study, The FAA recommends that the Part 150 Study technical approach to be structured to : 1) approve updated NEMs and 2) have mutual agreement between the Airport Authority and the FAA to proceed with the NCP update. Under this approach, a single grant could be requested for the Part 150 update, but the study’s scope of work and fee estimate would include a clear break between the two phases of the study”

    The above positive response is a clear indication of Naples airport management’s commitment to work with our community and stated 2017-2021 Strategic Plan objective specifically Goal #2 which states: “Be an engaged, responsive partner in service to our community”

    In addition to the good news above several other revelations have taken place:

    April 19 the NAA held their regular board meeting at which ESA Master Plan consultant and HMMH long term noise consultant presented and sited the following:

    1.ESA after extensive study focusing on reestablishing commercial service as part of Master Plan stated “Naples air service options are limited and no scenario suggest a high probability of economic success”

    2. ESA completed a forecast of jet traffic by 2023 to reach 32,000 and 44,000 by 2038. Clearly dictating the need to update the 1997 Part 150 NCP and 2010 NEMs. The 2010 last official completed NEMs were in reference to actual jet traffic of 17,765.

    3. HMMH after having reviewed specific to Old Naples the population changes between 2010 and 2017 sited a 12.3% estimated growth in population.

    August 16, 2018 the regular NAA board meeting it was revealed by Mr Rozansky during the pre-lim 2019 budget financial review that $500,000 has been allocated for Noise Study. This input was prior to the FAA favorable response October 2, 2018.

    In closing, I am cautiously optimistic and if you should have any comments please send to:

    Look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

    Best Regards 

       Tom Lauer Chair AirTraffic initiative ONA

  • Saturday, October 13, 2018 5:05 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    The City of Naples and Q. Grady Minor & Associates, P.A. are in the final phase of design for the 8th Street Corridor Improvement Project and will present the Landscape and Lighting designs at a public meeting. 

    The 8th Street Corridor Improvement Project extends from 5th Avenue South to 7th Avenue North. 8th Street is a north-south road that collects local traffic and extends from 12th Avenue South through the downtown area to 7th Avenue North. 

    The 8th Street Corridor Improvement Project will improve stormwater drainage, promote traffic calming, and create a street image more consistent with the Naples brand, the City's Complete Streets Policy, Blue Zone Initiative, Tree Ordinance, and Redevelopment PlanCurrently, the corridor includes various landscape designs and minimal street lighting. 

    If you are unable to attend this public meeting, the proposed Landscape and Lighting design will be presented again at the CRA Advisory Board meeting on October 22, 2018. 

    Click Here to view the Community Redevelopment Agency Project Page. 

    Meeting Location: City Hall Multi-Media Room - 2nd floor

    Date and Time: 10/18/18 4:00pm to 6:00pm 

  • Thursday, September 13, 2018 1:27 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    You will have an opportunity over the next few months to shape the Vision of Naples.  City Council has directed the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) to conduct an outreach program to gather input from the community as the town updates two of our most important documents which guide our development and informs how we live:  The Vision Document reflects our community Values and Goals, and the Comprehensive Plan gives direction on growth, development, and city maintenance to support those Values and Goals.  

    The Comprehensive Plan is required by the state to be updated routinely to ensure town management is consistent with current state statutes. Changes necessary to comply are mandatory and those changes are underway; most have been submitted to the state.  This year city staff is recommending many, additional, non-mandated changes to the Comprehensive Plan on which City Council will ultimately vote. We are encouraged that our Council has deemed it important for residents to share their opinions so that our Vision Document reflects our current values, and that any non-mandated changes to the Comprehensive Plan that Council approves are supportive of those values.  

    Review our current Vision Document, last updated in 2007 Here:

    PAB has hired an outside consultant, Stantec, to facilitate the gathering of community input, which will begin early fall, continuing through March, 2019.   The ONA Planning and Development Committee has been tasked with following this “Visioning Process”, keeping you informed, and encouraging you to share your thoughts on the issues that affect the quality of life in our city when this outreach begins. It is important to note that the Vision Document you will comment about will be foundational to the Comprehensive Plan for the next ten years. 

    This ONA Planning and Development Committee has reached out to the leadership of many of our fellow homeowner associations to ask what is important to their neighborhoods.  We agree with our neighbors that the following issues are critical:

    We are a community of residents and the Vision and Comprehensive Plan should be viewed through that lens.  Tourists come here to enjoy the quality of life and amenities that are coveted by residents and those quality of life standards should be protected.

    We must protect the small town charm of our neighborhoods, outlined as a priority in our current 2007 Vision Document. Development should comply with our codes and any installation of a “Complete Streets” concept to our streets and avenues should be “concept driven” as the Florida Department of Transportation suggests, and installed in a manner as to not disrupt our neighborhoods and its’ green space. 

    Read about Complete Streets Here:

    We must manage growth and redevelopment by enforcing our land and building codes and any deviation must be an exception. Variances to building heights and density seem wrongly to have become the norm.    

    We must work both with the City and the County to understand that our city’s carrying capacity is not unlimited; growth and use of the city and its’ beaches cannot exceed our infrastructure without degradation of our quality of life and our resources.   

    It is important to improve water quality in Naples Bay and in the neighborhood canals; storm water management, impacted by code enforcement is critical. 

    There is a need for a holistic solution for downtown traffic and parking, which adheres to the goal of minimizing residential neighborhood traffic and parking permits.  We must consider the impact of new transportation modalities such as Uber and Lyft as we develop solutions that will stand the test of time. We should employ smart signage to divert 41 traffic to Goodlette and reduce unnecessary thru traffic. 

    To share your thoughts with us or ask questions you may reach this committee at:

  • Friday, May 11, 2018 1:39 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    ONA has followed the changing plans for a new hotel on the corner of Third Street and Broad Avenue for the last two years.

    While the Board strongly supports the redevelopment of the failed plaza and the conditional use of a hotel on this site, what is proposed remains too large and requests multiple deviations from the Land Development Code.

    City Council will vote on this application next Wednesday, May 16. The ONA Board has urged them to require the developer to adhere to the requirements of the Land Development Code, as this will produce a hotel that will benefit the neighborhood for years to come.

    We urge you to read the following documents, decide for yourself and communicate your views respectfully to City Council via email at City Council often gauges public sentiment based on number and tone of emails.

    Materials for review:

    • ONA letter to City Council dated May 11, 2018 here. (brief summary)
    • ONA letter to PAB dated April 6, 2018 here. (details)
    • ONA letter to DRB dated May 19, 2017 here. (details, somewhat outdated.
    • Letter from Third Street South Area Association to City Council here. (what the merchants on Third Street think.)
    • Hotel application materials here at agenda item 12A. (all the details from the point of view of the developer and City staff.)

    Respectfully, the Board of Directors, Old Naples Association

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