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  • Tuesday, March 06, 2018 1:20 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    On Monday March 5, ONA was invited to meet with members of the Watkins family and their representatives as they announced the sale of the Naples Beach Hotel property. We heard potentially very good news, speaking to the civic spirit and generosity displayed by the Watkins towards this City for the last 75 years.

    We learned that the key elements agreed to with the developer for the property include the following:

    • Maintain a hotel function
    • Establish a luxury residential component along the beachfront
    • Keep the beach bar and conference center
    • Maintain the golf course as a private club
    • Community input during the development process

    You can read the Naples Daily News article here for details.

    There are obvious areas for discussion, including the intensity of the residential redevelopment, environmental impacts, traffic patterns and parking. Thankfully, the Watkins family will remain a party to the development plans until approvals are complete.

    If this comes to pass as planned, it will be a very positive outcome for the City and for our neighborhood. Stay tuned!

  • Saturday, January 20, 2018 1:15 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    The Old Naples Association hosted a full house of members and guests for 90 minutes of discussion by City Council candidates on Thursday evening January 18 at the Naples Woman's Club. 

    Linda Penniman, Terry Hutchison, Gary Price and Mitch Norgart go through their platforms in detail and respond to questions from the audience. The video link on YouTube is here

  • Tuesday, January 09, 2018 12:42 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    25 members gathered for coffee, socializing and an update and Q&A session at Tony's off Third. Warm sunshine (finally!) and remarks by John Lehmann (President), Tom Lauer (Air Traffic) and Jim Streicher (Neighborhood) made for a pleasant and informative morning.

    See our Upcoming Events list to register for the next Coffee at Tony's on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

    Picture courtesy of Bill Pease!

  • Sunday, December 24, 2017 1:15 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    The Naples Fire Department now offers the Residential Safety Program, a voluntary way for homeowners to prevent fires. The program offers free in-home fire safety inspections as well as a checklist method to self-identify ways to improve home fire safety.

    To schedule a free inspection, contact the NFD at 239-213-4900 or email them at To download the self-inspection checklist, click here.

  • Tuesday, November 28, 2017 7:31 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Beginning the evening of Wednesday, November 29th, the Florida Department of Transportation and their contractor Midwestern will be replacing the storm water drainage structure at the intersection of US41 and 6th Avenue North. Two southbound lanes on US41 between 7th Avenue North and 6th Avenue North will be closed.  The sidewalk on the west side of US41 between 7th Avenue North and 6th Avenue North will be closed to pedestrian traffic as well.  The construction is expected to be completed by Monday, December 4th.  Due to seasonal traffic increasing, southbound traffic on US41 will be disrupted; seeking an alternate route during this time period is highly recommended.
    Questions, comments and concerns should be forwarded to FDOT's Public Outreach Manager Lisa Macias (239-985-7800) or the Project Administrator, Chris Mollitor (239-985-7883).

  • Thursday, November 09, 2017 12:54 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    The ONA Board of Directors has voted unanimously to support the Ethics Naples ballot initiative for an improved ethics policy for the City of Naples. We believe this is an important step forward in ensuring transparency and fairness of City government, and limiting the impact of special influences on decision making. We hope you will review the attached email and website, and if you are supportive to print, sign and mail the petition.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider this issue.

    The Board of Directors
    Old Naples Association
    Better Ethics for Naples

    A Ballot Initiative
    The short story: The ballot initiative for an improved ethics policy for the City of Naples has made substantial progress in just one week!
    Please spend a few minutes learning about the proposal at, and if you are supportive, sign the petition to put this issue before the voters of the City.


    The longer story: We ask your help and support for an important community initiative that will allow the City of Naples to greatly improve its ethics policy. You can learn more about the issues at and also download and sign the petition. We need to collect about 2,000 original signed petitions to put this question on the ballot and allow City of Naples voters the chance to decide for themselves.

    As a taxpayer and City voter, we hope that you will take a few minutes to learn about this initiative to strengthen and improve our City’s ethics policy:
    • Learn more about our endorsers, including City Council and County Commission members, candidates for City Council election, and ethics experts.
    • Read recent Naples Daily News coverage about the initiative here.
    • One common question is "why do we need to do this?" We have summarized the key points in a one pager that you can read here.
    • What kind of progress have we made in the last week? Read our recent blog post here. 
    Naples’ existing ethics code needs a number of improvements to justify our City’s motto “Ethics above all else.” The proposed amendment will provide these improvements, including independent oversight by a volunteer appointed commission, a resource for education and consultation for City officials to prevent ethics violations, prompt and professional investigation of any complaints and appropriate enforcement and reporting should a complaint be confirmed.
    All these changes reflect “best practices” currently used by ethics commissions and offices in Florida, and this amendment to the charter has been drafted over the last year with help from ethics experts and lawyers and in consultation with our civic leaders.
    • As a City of Naples voter your signature on the petition is vital.
    Please download and read the petition here. If you are supportive, review the instructions on the cover sheet and complete the petition as soon as you can. Then, mail the signed petition and completed cover sheet to the following address:
    P.O. Box 7249
    Naples, FL 34101
    • Help the initiative go viral.
    Please ask everyone you know who is a City of Naples voter to become familiar with the issues and if supportive to sign the petition and alert their friends. Please forward this email and our website to everyone you know who might be concerned.
    • Volunteer.
    Spend a few hours gathering signatures around the City of Naples. This can be a do-it-yourself stroll around your neighborhood with a few copies of the petition. Or, contact Ray Christman, our Executive Director, at to find out more and get involved in gathering signatures at the farmer’s market or meeting places around town. This is a grass-roots, citizens-based effort and we need your help to succeed!
    Working together we can succeed in making an important, long term, positive improvement in the governance of the City of Naples. Please contact us at if you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns.
    Please sign the petition as soon as possible to get this critical issue on the ballot. The residents of the City of Naples deserve the highest standard of ethical governance.
    Thank you!
    Paid political advertisement paid for by
    Ethics Naples, Inc., P.O. Box 7249, Naples, FL 34101

  • Friday, October 27, 2017 11:36 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Short Story: Today marks the beginning of a petition drive to improve the ethics policy for the City of Naples. Please sign the petition at to put this issue before the voters of the City on the February 2018 ballot.
    Longer Story:
    I am writing to ask your help and support for an important community initiative that will allow Naples to greatly improve its ethics policy.
    ETHICS NAPLES is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve integrity and accountability in the government of the City of Naples.  It was created by a group of concerned Naples residents – including myself, Bill Lutz, President, Coquina Sands and Linda Black, President, The Moorings – to amend the City Charter to create a strong ethics code overseen by an independent City Ethics Commission.  Naples’ existing ethics code is weak and recent issues have raised concerns that we need improvements to ensure that we have a transparent local government accountable to the residents.
    You can read more about ETHICS NAPLES – its background, goals and purposes at This site contains the petition to place this matter on the February 2018 ballot, but only if we collect about 2,000 signatures over the next few weeks.
    The Board of the Old Naples Association has been encouraging City Council to strengthen and improve our City’s ethics policy for several years, and we strongly support this initiative. We hope you will as well.
    To allow the voters to consider this issue, ETHICS NAPLES must collect at least 1,500 validated signatures (10% of all registered voters) in order to place this question on the ballot of next February’s election. ONA has agreed to help with this process; hence this email.
    There are three things you, your family and your neighbors can do to support this critical initiative:
    First and most important, please download and read the petition. If you are supportive, review the instructions on the cover sheet and complete the petition. Then, mail the signed petition and completed cover sheet to the following address:

    P.O. Box 7249
    Naples, FL 34101
    Second, please ask everyone you know who is a City of Naples voter to do the same.
    Finally, if you are willing to volunteer, please email me or ETHICS NAPLES ( We will need folks to help with gathering signatures at public venues, organizing events in support of ETHICS NAPLES and the like over the next few weeks.  This is a grass-roots, citizens-based effort and we need your help to succeed!  Once we hear from you, we will contact you shortly
    Thank you again for your help.  Please sign the petition help and get this critical issue on the ballot in February. The residents of the City of Naples deserve the highest standard of ethical governance.

    John Lehmann
    President, on behalf of the Board of Directors
    The Old Naples Association

  • Friday, October 20, 2017 11:34 AM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Short Story: The City will shortly reconstruct these streets. Those of you who will be impacted by the changes in parking, sidewalks and traffic volumes might want to be involved. More of our streets will be affected after this.
    Longer Story: The City is planning on redesigning and reconstructing these streets through the Old Naples neighborhood as part of the “Complete Streets” initiative. This will include redoing sidewalks, bike lanes, on-street parking and traffic patterns. In part it is to accommodate the proposed “lane diet” for Route 41, where the number of travel lanes might be reduced from 6 to 4 between 7th Avenue North and Goodlette Frank, and the likelihood of cut-through traffic in our neighborhood will increase.
    Ned Fryer and I attended an initial input meeting with the consultants yesterday. Based on feedback from those of you who responded to last week’s email, I drafted and delivered a comprehensive letter of response here. The consultants were receptive to the issues but there are many stakeholders along these thoroughfares, and continued community attention and involvement will be important.
    Actions you can take:

    1. Read our letter to the project consultants here for a sense of the issues, follow the 8th Street/3rd Avenue project and get involved when it comes back up for discussion.
    2. Volunteer to help us with this issue. We do not have enough volunteers to cover it at this time. Email me if you are able to help, and thanks.
    3. If you live in the impacted areas, please alert your neighbors who are not yet ONA members. Forward this email to others. Ask them to get involved, and ask them to join ONA. The larger and more active we are the more likely our concerns will be heard and addressed.
    4. This sort of change is coming to your area soon! Review and understand the “Downtown Naples Mobility and Connectivity Study Final Recommendations” documents on the City’s website here at item #7 on the agenda document. The cliff notes version in slide format is here, and the final draft report itself is here. This plan will govern the reconstruction of the primary and secondary streets throughout Old Naples, and will substantially impact our community for years to come.
    John Lehmann
    President, Old Naples Association

  • Wednesday, October 11, 2017 2:56 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Please join us for the first fall coffee with the Board of Directors of ONA. We are beginning to plan for several important organizational changes in structure and direction, and we want your input and assistance.
    Our organization has grown in size, activity, influence and need for volunteers. We have had several significant successes over the last year, including defeating the plan to get rid of Naples’ ethics policy, to build a parking garage on residential land in the heart of Old Naples, and to preventing adverse zoning changes affecting our neighborhood in the D-Downtown district. We have worked closely with the City to implement a Comprehensive Plan process that includes extensive input, we also face a critical election for City Council in 6 months. Our Board will change composition for 2018 and we need willing and able volunteers to carry our re-energized ONA forward.
    So come and share your thoughts about the next steps forward for ONA and what you would like to see happen! Elaine Wade, Jim Streicher, Sharon Kaltenborn, Chuck Huffmann and I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday morning.
    John Lehmann
    President of Old Naples Association

  • Friday, October 06, 2017 1:40 PM | News Desk (Administrator)

    Short Story: City Council put the garage project on hold for the foreseeable future at its Wednesday meeting, citing the uncertainties and expense of the Hurricane Irma recovery process. There has still been no response from Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate to the City’s August counteroffer, and it is reasonable to assume that the construction of a large parking structure on this site is very unlikely. We believe that this is the right outcome, and hope that Hoffmann CRE will propose a balanced development that resolves the complexities of this particular property and harmonizes with the neighborhood.
    Long Story: You can read the longer story in the Naples Daily News here.
    Next Steps: Your involvement – particularly your emails, calls and presence at City Council meetings – made the difference. We hope you will continue being active, informed and involved. There are plenty of other issues that will impact your quality of life in Naples. Some thoughts and issues for your consideration:

    1. Make sure you are an active member of your neighborhood’s homeowners association. In Old Naples, that is the Old Naples Association, (Even if you don’t reside in Old Naples, you may become a nonvoting member to support our efforts to maintain the character and charm of Old Naples.)
    2. Please be sure to let your City Council know that you agree with the decision to stop the garage, and that you want the overdevelopment of Naples to stop. The fastest way to reach all Council members is with the email address
    3. Subscribe to the Naples Daily News (at least electronically) so that wherever you are you can keep track of what’s happening in Naples.
    4. Pay attention to the City Council election coming up next February, and make sure the newly-elected Councilors reflect your views for our city.
    5. Stay tuned for more information on a much-needed initiative to improve the city’s ethics policy, and the imminent sale and development of the Naples Beach Hotel golf property.

    John Lehmann
    President, Old Naples Association

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